7 Hiring Challenges and How to Easily Overcome Them

7 Hiring Challenges and How to Easily Overcome Them

As my colleague, Fabi Preslar says in her upcoming book, Fabulous F Words of Business Ownership, “It takes faith to hire that first employee and give them what feels like part of your income and all of your trust.” And, it still takes faith to hire the next employee and the next. You know hiring[…]

Make Time Work for You

How to Make Time Work for You

Have you ever complained of not having enough time to do something important? I’ll bet you have! You can make time work for you if you have the right focus. After all, you only live once (YOLO). If you’re like most people, you’ve complained of not enough time for at least one or more of these:[…]

10 Things You Need to Know before Hiring Interns

It’s Labor Day and I’m enjoying time with family. I’m still here for you and invite you to check out my Bombshell Business Expert post on hiring interns over on the Bombshell blog. Hiring an Intern? 10 Things to Consider Have a question about recruiting or the hiring interns? Click this link to schedule a complimentary[…]

Your Tools for successful hiring.

Successful Hiring Secrets for Small Business

Small businesses may find successful hiring difficult in the current labor market. I’m on vacation this week but I’m still here for you. Dave Rosenberg of Locked On Leadership and I recently discussed hiring best practices for small businesses. You can read more over on the Locked On Leadership blog. http://www.lockedonleadership.com/employees/successful-hiring-secrets/ Have a question about[…]

How to Hire the Best Employees

How to Hire the Best Employees

This is the first in a three-part series on how your small business can hire the best employees. Part 1 discusses how to reach your ideal candidate by targeting both active and passive candidates. Part 2 will focus on creating a highly-effective interviewing and selection process. And part 3 will go over creating a new[…]

Finding the right fit is extremely hard work

Hiring the right people is extremely hard work

Hot summer days are here already—can you believe it? For many of us, that means dreams of long weekends or vacations at the beach. For some of us, it means a dreaded trip to the store for a new bathing suit or hiring the right people for our summer job openings. I recently discovered that[…]

Am I crazy to think I can hire great employees

Are You crazy to think you can hire a great employee?

You may ask yourself this question when you need to hire team members for your business, especially if you think it will be impossible to find the right person. Learning the art and science of how to hire a great employee will keep you from taking a ride on the crazy train. And more importantly,[…]

5 Easy Ways to Design Great Interview Questions

Recently, a small business owner shared her concerns about hiring great employees. She needed to hire the right people soon or she would have to close her business. That statement is painful to hear because hiring great people is possible with a few simple tweaks to your hiring process. One of those tweaks is asking[…]

4 Surprise Ingredients for Hiring Your Ideal Team

4 Surprise Ingredients for Hiring Your Ideal Team

This week, I was the featured guest author over on the eWomen Network blog discussing hiring your ideal team. The other night I was wide-awake at 2:00 a.m. and was leafing through a cooking magazine. A few pages in, I found a mouthwatering picture of a pie. I immediately felt hungry and ready to make a[…]

Would You Like to Hear My Shocking Confession?

I have a confession. It could be described as a deep—perhaps some might call it severe—problem. I’m taking a deep breath here because it’s hard to put it into writing for everyone to read. But, I have to be honest. My life rarely goes the way I plan it. Shocking, right? Despite my efforts to[…]