June 30, 2018

Expert Interviews on Hiring the Right People

YOLO Insights_Rebecca Barnes-Hogg expert interviews on hiring the right peopleRebecca Barnes-Hogg is a frequent guest expert on popular podcasts. Listen to these guest expert interviews on hiring the right people, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Operationally Speaking

Rebecca and Sergiu Simmel discuss how to hire the right people using The YOLO Principle and the people who influenced Rebecca’s early years.

The Entrepreneur Way

Rebecca and Neil Ball discuss how all of us have a business inside of us and we just need to let it out.

Enterprise Now!

Host Elzie D. Flenard and Rebecca discuss how to use The YOLO Principle to hire easily and effectively.

The Business Power Hour

Host Deb Krier and Rebecca had so much to talk about they needed three episodes!
Career Planning Using LinkedIn: May 3, 2018
Career Planning using Social Media: March 5, 2018
Entrepreneurship: The YOLO Principle, September 2, 2017

Bombshell Business Podcast

Amber Hurdle and Rebecca have a lively discussion on how to conduct an Insightful Interview™ that reveals the truth about your candidates and avoid costly hiring mistakes that waste their time, energy, and money.

Work Alchemy

Host Ursula Jorch and Rebecca talk about my journey from corporate America to being part of the entrepreneurial world, and how I help your company become more efficient, effective, and profitable.

Moving Forward Leadership

Host Scott McCarthy and Rebecca talk about how, as leaders, we too often pay lip-service to the complete hiring process of identifying who is needed, where they are needed, and how they are hired. We discuss simple tweaks to your thing that makes the process of hiring and leading your next employee more effective.

SmartLinx Podcast

Host Darcy Grabenstein learns more about The YOLO Principle, and how it can help your hiring process.

Sasha Talks

Host Sasha Laghonh and Rebecca discuss how small business can hire the right people.

Lady Tech Charmers

Hosts  Caitlin Sellers Castevens, Paula Okonneh, and Dr. Sharon Jones talk about how women in tech can hire or get hired.


To book Rebecca as a guest on your show, please contact her at info@YOLOinsights.com.