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What I Do

I give you confidence in your hiring decisions. I developed my signature process after analyzing the effects of hiring the wrong people and seeing how much money a business can make with the right people. I knew there had to be a better way and created a proven system that every business can use no matter what size you are. I personally work through this system with my premium clients and also have it packaged so that businesses can do it themselves.
I Listen

Because I respect your time, I listen to understand your needs and offer cost-effective solutions that add value. I won’t waste your time on unqualified candidates.

I unlock insights

I guide you through a process to uncover hiring insights that work for you. I make a time-consuming and frustrating process fun and easy.

I Save You time

Who has time to read all those resumes? Your time is money and I take over all the day-to-day management of your hiring process.

I Find the Right People

I love helping my clients find the perfect candidate. I collaborate with you and help you uncover the right insights and make the right hiring choice. Your success is my success.

Struggling with hiring the right people for your business?

I know how to connect you with the talented people you need.

Now, you can realize your full potential by hiring the right people with my signature process. I know how to connect you with the talented people you need. Early in my career, I recognized that hiring the right people is critical to success and most businesses aren’t good at it. My insights guide your actions to quality results and save you from the costly and time consuming problems caused by having the wrong people on your team. My fun, down-to-earth approach to a frustrating and time-consuming process results in confidence in your hiring decisions, less stress managing your people, and a bigger profit. Schedule your free 20-minute insight session.

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    Insight meeting to understand your business. Great candidates want to understand your products and what you stand for.


    I collaborate with you to find the right fit and make the right choice. I am invested in YOUR success.


    I give you substantial cost and time savings. This frees your time to refocus on your core revenue generating functions.


    I give you value. A typical recruiting firm will charge 30% of first year salary without the value added benefits included in my packages.

A manufacturing company located in rural Horry County, SC


YOLO conducted a full search for this position. The client had difficulty finding quality candidates in their rural location. The client was so impressed with the quality of the candidates that they hired two instead of one. The client stated that the process was easy, saved them time, and provided them with a structured process that gave them confidence that they chose the right candidates. The client also stated, “we very much appreciate your time and professionalism – you’re a pleasure to work with as well!”

A nonprofit association dedicated to worker health and safety located in Washington, DC


YOLO conducted full searches for each of these positions. This repeat client is highly satisfied with the minimal time expenditure on their part and the expert guidance provided to the hiring managers throughout the process. The client stated that YOLO dug in and fully understood their needs, produced appealing ads, screened the candidates, and coached the hiring manager on interview questions. YOLO truly has a talent for understanding a business' needs and offering cost-effective solutions that add value.

A local affiliate of a global, nonprofit housing organization located in Horry County, SC.


YOLO assisted the Search Committee on a partial search. YOLO conducted an Insights Meeting, created a job description, targeted job posting, and conducted interview training with the Search Committee. The Search Committee successfully completed their search in 90 days. The Search Committee was grateful for the expertise and assistance in creating a credible recruitment and hiring process that gave them the tools and resources necessary while still maintaining their budget requirements.

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Meet Rebecca

The Small Business Hiring Expert
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Companies are settling for average employees because they don’t think they can find anyone better and feel they can’t compete with big corporations for the talented people they need. They make bad hiring decisions because they are in pain and settle for the first available person they find without taking the time to understand how that person will fit in with their vision, mission and values. One size doesn’t fit all and a cookie cutter approach to hiring just doesn’t work. My personalized approach connects businesses with the talented people they need to take their business to the next level. I take the time to listen and understand your unique needs. I take the pain out of the hiring process in a fun and down-to-earth way. I give you greater confidence in your hiring decisions, less stress managing your team, and a bigger profit. I’m on a mission to make sure no business is held back because they can’t find the right people.
The Small Business Hiring Expert

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