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YOLO insights was founded by Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, a serial connector of people with their ideal jobs.
Rebecca has a lofty objective: To make sure no small business is held back because they are unable to find and hire the right people they need to help them succeed.

Recruiting is both an art and a science. It’s difficult to do well when you lack the time, money, or expertise required to do it right. The cost of hiring a recruiting firm is too high for a small business’s budget. Because that cost barrier often inhibits or prevents business growth, I knew there had to be a better way. So, I created The YOLO Principle™.

While recruiting seems complicated; it’s easier than you think when you have the right tools and knowledge. By teaching small businesses to recruit like a pro, even if it’s the first they’re hiring, I remove the barriers. For small businesses who are ready to grow and just need the right people to make it happen, I offer a solution at a fraction of the price charged by the big recruiting firms.

I believe that every small business can hire the people they need and it can be stress-free and fun. It can be a positive experience that leaves you feeling confident in and happy with your new hires.
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I Listen

Because I respect your time, I listen to understand your needs and offer cost-effective solutions that add value. I won’t waste your time on unqualified candidates.

I unlock insights

I guide you through a process to uncover hiring insights that work for you. I make a time-consuming and frustrating process fun and easy.

I Save You time

Who has time to read all those resumes? Your time is money and I take over all the day-to-day management of your hiring process.

I Find the Right People

I love helping my clients find the perfect candidate. I collaborate with you and help you uncover the right insights and make the right hiring choice. Your success is my success.

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Now, you can realize your full potential by hiring the right people with The YOLO Principle™. I saw a tremendous need to bring fun and excitement back into the business of recruiting and hiring. You only live once (YOLO), and dealing with problems caused by average or subpar employees is about as far from fun as you can get. Early in my career, I recognized that hiring the right people is critical to success and most businesses aren’t good at it.

Because most small businesses do not have a mentor who is an expert recruiter, I’m sharing The YOLO Principle™ with you so that you can recruit and hire like a pro.

The YOLO Principle™ puts you in control of your recruiting and hiring. You can confidently hire the right people for your unique business needs while saving your time, money and sanity.

Let’s start changing how you recruit and hire right now. Your business depends on it. Schedule your free 20-minute insight session today.

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  • Clarity

    We start with defining the job. Writing job descriptions is not a copy and paste task. Your job description is a living document that you use as a tool to guide and position your employees to be successful.

  • Culture

    Like people, your business has a unique personality or culture. Your business is not like your competition, and when you understand your unique value proposition, you can then use that in your hiring process to attract people who share your values, beliefs, and mission.

  • Consistency

    Everyone in your business needs to understand your unique definition of your performance standards, business culture, mission, and values. If you are inconsistent or lack clarity, it will be hard for you to communicate performance expectations to your employees and potential employees.

  • Communication

    In every step of your recruiting and hiring journey, share your culture, values, mission, and performance standards. These things will change and evolve over time, and you must continue to clearly and consistently communicate them with everyone in your business.

A nonprofit association dedicated to worker health and safety located in Washington, DC



YOLO conducted full searches for each of these positions. This repeat client is highly satisfied with the minimal time expenditure on their part and the expert guidance provided to the hiring managers throughout the process. The client stated that YOLO dug in and fully understood their needs, produced appealing ads, screened the candidates, and coached the hiring manager on interview questions. YOLO truly has a talent for understanding a business’ needs and offering cost-effective solutions that add value.

A manufacturing company located in rural Horry County, SC


YOLO conducted a full search for this position. The client had difficulty finding quality candidates in their rural location. The client was so impressed with the quality of the candidates that they hired two instead of one. The client stated that the process was easy, saved them time, and provided them with a structured process that gave them confidence that they chose the right candidates. The client also stated, “we very much appreciate your time and professionalism – you’re a pleasure to work with as well!”

A local affiliate of a global, nonprofit housing organization located in Horry County, SC.


YOLO assisted the Search Committee on a partial search. YOLO conducted an Insights Meeting, created a job description, targeted job posting, and conducted interview training with the Search Committee. The Search Committee successfully completed their search in 90 days. The Search Committee was grateful for the expertise and assistance in creating a credible recruitment and hiring process that gave them the tools and resources necessary while still maintaining their budget requirements.

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Meet Rebecca

The Small Business Hiring Expert
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Rebecca Barnes-Hogg is the author of YOLO Principle: The Ultimate Hiring Guide for Small Business. She describes herself as a serial connector of small businesses with their ideal employees. She first discovered this talent as a teenager when she helped her high school classmates find summer jobs. Rebecca recognized early on that at the center of every business is its people. Throughout her career, Rebecca excelled at putting the right people in the right positions to make things happen. In 2011, she founded YOLO Insights® to make sure that no small business is held back because they are unable to find the talented people they need. Her passion for hunting purple unicorns (or in real life words, ideal employees) shows in the transformations she helps small businesses achieve. Rebecca’s recruiting insights have been featured in Forbes,, Business News Daily, U.S. News & World Report, CBS Small Business Pulse, MarketWatch, Hotel Executive, and HR Magazine. Rebecca is also a coauthor of Human Resources.

Rebecca is a frequent guest expert on popular podcasts.