4 Surprise Ingredients for Hiring Your Ideal Team

4 Surprise Ingredients for Hiring Your Ideal TeamThis week, I was the featured guest author over on the eWomen Network blog discussing hiring your ideal team.

The other night I was wide-awake at 2:00 a.m. and was leafing through a cooking magazine. A few pages in, I found a mouthwatering picture of a pie. I immediately felt hungry and ready to make a pie. Instead, I quietly rummaged through my pantry and found a forgotten box of crackers. The refrigerator ponied up some leftover Havarti cheese. That was the best I could do at 2:00 a.m. However, once the weekend rolls around, I’m going to roll out a pie crust and bake an apple pie.

My Grammy taught me how to roll a pie crust. She was a wonderful teacher—patient and fun. I won’t lie, there were many disasters early on! We laughed a lot. Grammy helped me gain confidence in my pie crust skills which also taught me a lot about how to approach life. Today, I apply those lessons to my business, especially when it comes to hiring a team.

Like a pie crust, there aren’t many ingredients. However, the way in which you combine them makes a world of difference…Read More