7 Easy Ways to Quickly Transform your Job Ads

Write good job ads using these 7 tips to transform your job ads into candidate magnets.
Job ads are the most common way of letting your potential candidates know you are hiring. Unfortunately, most job postings are poorly written and miss a critical opportunity to attract the talented people you need to build your business. The truth is you have about 20 seconds to capture your candidates’ attention and make them want to know more. These 7 tips will transform your job ads from the same old boring postings everyone else is using into compelling pitches that draw the attention of your ideal candidates. Now you’ll spend your valuable time on highly-qualified candidates instead of wasting it on resume spammers.

1.    Attract your ideal candidates.

Do some research about what makes your company and job openings attractive to candidates. Start by spending time thinking about what your ideal employee looks like, what is important to them, and why they would want to work for your business. The most useful question you can ask yourself is, “If I were a potential employee, why would I want to work here?” This thinking is employee-focused. When you understand what an ideal employee would find attractive about working for you, you can use that information to attract high performers to your company.

2.    Keep your job ads simple.

Highlight the aspects of the job that are most important and tell candidates why the work matters. Candidates want to know about the work and at this point, your corporate history is a low priority for them. Once they are hooked and want to know more, they can visit your website and find out everything they need to know.

3.    Use your job ads to build excitement.

Grab your candidates’ attention by framing the job as an opportunity that meets their needs. Most small businesses make the mistake of using either their job description or an abbreviated version of it as their job ad. I call that post and hope—post an ad on a job board and hope great candidates see it. Unfortunately, that strategy rarely works well. You may get lucky, but who can rely on luck when you have a position to fill?

4.    Present a clear picture of the job.

The best job ads are open and honest about all aspects of the job. They are written in a way that appeals to the best candidates and screens out those candidates who lack the attitudes, behaviors, and personality traits required to be successful in your business. Your ad must immediately stand out from other similar job ads and make your ideal candidate want to apply.

5.    Cut the jargon.

Too often I see job ads filled with buzzwords and jargon that are banal and overused. Scrap these clichés and set yourself apart by using language that flows naturally and highlights what makes your business unique. The best job ads avoid sounding like soulless infomercials for the company.

6.    Choose your words carefully.

A great ad creates an image in the minds of potential candidates of what it means to work for your business. It should differentiate why your ideal employee would be happier working for you than for any other company with the same type of job. Use language that your candidates use and understand. Remember, you are speaking to their needs.

7.    Make it easy to apply.

Remember the goal of job ads is to create a connection with your ideal candidate to start a conversation. Lengthy or cumbersome application processes will frustrate your candidates. According to Office Vibe, 60% of candidates quit an application process because it was too long. In addition, job seekers are increasingly using mobile devices in their job search so be sure that your process works well on small screens.

Using these tips to transform your job ads will make hiring the right people easier, more efficient, and effective. Your time is valuable. Spending it on qualified candidates instead of wading through a sea of unqualified applicants maximizes your time and saves you from a mind-numbing task.

Ready to take the next steps to transform your job ads? Here are some ideas:

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