A Behind the Scenes Look at The YOLO Principle on Vacation

The YOLO Principle on VacationThe YOLO Principle™ Takes a Caribbean Vacation

On a recent trip to the Caribbean, one of my choices was to dine at a restaurant that got exceptionally high reviews for food, service, and atmosphere. That meal earned a place on my top ten best restaurants, and I will definitely return on my next vacation. Why? Because the restaurant practiced The YOLO Principle and in doing so, createe an extraordinary experience. It was part of an award-winning resort that incorporated the YOLO Principles into everything they did.

Hiring and travel have a lot in common. So before you judge me as crazy, hear me out. When you travel, you have lots of choices, sometimes overwhelmingly so. You can fly, drive, take a bus, or for the adventurous among us, you can kayak, backpack, or bicycle. Then come the choices about accommodations. You get the picture. Choices are everywhere, exactly like the choices you must make when you are ready to hire a new employee.

If you haven’t read The YOLO Principle, these are the principles:

  • Clarity
  • Culture
  • Consistency
  • Communication

You can easily apply these principles to your hiring process to increase your ability to attract and retain the best people for your business.

Let’s focus on clarity because it is the foundation of your hiring process.

This resort was clear on its culture and who its guests were. Far more importantly, they were clear about who their guests were NOT. That’s exactly the clarity you need about your ideal employees.

The resort’s mission is to be the most romantic getaway in the Caribbean and their awards prove it. They understand that to be the most romantic resort, certain conditions need to exist, and others need to be absent. The resort’s first statement is, “We are not for families with children.” They go on to state, “We are not for groups.”

Clearly, it is difficult or impossible to have romantic moments with children or large groups. They go on to state, “We are not a nightlife and entertainment destination.” Have you ever felt romantic while packed into a crowded bar with hundreds of people?

This shows their clarity about their culture, which they consistently communicate throughout their website and in the service and experience they provide. The resort also clearly and consistently communicates that their purpose is to provide a tranquil and romantic beach vacation where the focus is on relaxation and wellness. Are you ready plan a trip there?

Can you say you are this clear when you are looking for a new employee?

Let’s look at how to apply The YOLO Principle to your hiring process. It’s simple and easy to do. Start with your mission and culture. Think about how clearly you are stating that and whether you are consistently communicating it throughout your business, including in your hiring process.

If you still have some work to do, no worries. The important thing is you know where to make changes and you are ready to get to work. Once you have clarity, the rest of the principles fall quickly into place. You can consistently and clearly communicate with your prospective employees. You can create an employer brand that speaks directly to your ideal employees and lets the rest of the job seekers know they must look elsewhere.

This simple step makes your hiring process more efficient and effective which means you can spend your time and energy focused on the applicants who are the right fit for your organization. How great would it be to spend your time and energy on the right people?

You can learn how use these principles in my book, The YOLO Principle: The Ultimate Hiring Guide for Small Business. You will be guided through the steps to create a hiring process that gives you confidence you are hiring the best, most talented people who fit your culture. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to hire the right people.

When you implement The YOLO Principle in your organization, I promise you will stand out in a crowded job market just like this resort. And, you’ll easily attract the right people. Your hiring headaches will disappear, and you will have the time to take that relaxing, romantic Caribbean vacation.

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