Why You Need to Get Off Your But: The Science of Hiring

Why You Need to Get Off Your But: The Science of Hiring | YOLO InsightsDo these statements sound familiar? “She’s a great employee, but she can’t get to work on time.” “That’s a great idea, but it won’t work around here.” “I’d love to do that, but I don’t have the budget.” When it comes to hiring employees, I hear lots of buts and rarely hear any “cans.” Using the science of hiring means cans are easier than buts, if you are willing to think differently and break free from your limiting beliefs about your ability to attract and hire talented people.

What prevents you from taking action? Are you hiding behind “but” statements?  Too many of us use them to rationalize our actions. Let’s explore a few ways you can use the science of hiring to put your buts behind you (pun intended) and recognize them for what they are: wasted potential. Those buts hold you back and prevent you from hiring employees who will support your business and help you achieve your goals.

In physics, there are two kinds of energy, potential and kinetic. Potential energy is something that is not doing anything right now and has stored energy that could be released later. Examples of potential energy are the employee who is unaware that you want to hire someone like them or an employee who is stuck in a position because they fail to see any other options. Kinetic energy is energy possessed by an object due to motion. We’ve all experienced that rush working with a group of people who are passionate about what they do. It’s exciting, motivating and fun. Imagine the possibilities if we commit to hiring employees who release kinetic energy every day.

So how do you find potential energy and turn it into kinetic energy? It’s simple and easy. Stop sitting on your “but” statements and start moving your “can” statements!

First, look for talented people in unexpected places.

The awesome waiter at lunch could be your next great employee. Your ride-share driver could be searching for their dream job and it just happens to be in your organization. People with transferable skills are everywhere! Customer service, problem-solving, critical thinking, good communication, and so forth are qualities many industries require. Stop thinking you can only hire from within your industry and start thinking about other places your next awesome employee may be hiding. This post has tips for attracting great candidates.

Second, leverage what makes you different from your competition.

What makes you different is appealing to someone. Think about how you can craft a story to attract that person who shares your vision and values. According to Express Employment Professionals’ 5th annual “State of the Unemployed”, 43% of respondents said they would “only accept a job that I really want to do.” Talk about how and why you started your business. Hiring employees using your story is surprisingly easy. (Bonus tip: Your customers are often great employees because they already love your business.) This post will help you with your story.

Third, change the process of how you hire.

Instead of doing what we know in our hearts no longer works, start trying new and different techniques. Posting boring job descriptions on a job board no longer works. At best, it leaves you stuck with choosing from among the best of the worst available applicants. Video is an awesome tool for hiring. Create short one to two-minute videos that show what it’s like to work for your organization. Post them on your website and social media channels. People want to be able to see themselves working in your business. Video allows you to show what makes you unique and shares your story.

So, here’s my challenge for you. Let’s commit to using the science of hiring to get off your but and move your can. Start with one small change and see what a difference it can make when you are hiring employees for your business.

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